Romanian New Leu, RON

The Romanian New Leu is the official currency of Romania. The ISO currency code is RON and identified by the symbol lei. It is subdivided into 100 bani (ban). Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007 and it is expected to adopt the euro in 2015.

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Monetary unit: Romania

Currency Name: Romanian leu
Local Name: Leu românesc (Romanian)
User(s): Romania
Currency Symbol/Sign: lei
ISO code: RON
Central bank: National Bank of Romania
Sub-Unit: 1 leu= 100 bani
Banknotes: 1 leu & 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 200 lei
Coins: 1 ban & 5, 10, 50 bani
Currency Peg:No
Black Market for Currency:Yes
Currency Volatility:unknown

Central Bank Rate

The current central bank interest rate is 5.25%.

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Daily exchange rate

Today: Thursday 2nd of April 2015

The currency cross rate table from Romanian new leu to Euro shown below.

Country Romanian New Leu Euro
Romanian New Leu (RON) 1 RON = 0.2266 €
4.413 RON=1 €
20 RON =4.5321 €
50 RON = 11.3302 €
100 RON = 22.6603 €
500 RON  = 113.3016 €
1000 RON = 226.6032 €